Turtle Beach Ear Force x41

Ear Force X41

These headphones offer great surround sound and they are wireless. They work well with the Xbox Live features. There is a removable boom microphone. An optical audio cable is also included. Battery life is at least 25 hours.

There have been reports of dropping in and out with the audio on occasion. It is possible that these headphones can interfere with other 2.4 Ghz devices.


The Turtle Beach Ear Force x41 works very well with any home theater system such as surround sound. This is one of the most common headphones that people use for Xbox Live so that they can interact with other players.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force x41

This a well made set of headphones that are comfortable to wear and that offer excellent sound. The radio frequency technology allows the wireless signal to be transmitted. They don’t seem to work too well with a plasma TV, though, due to interference. They are considered one of the best  to use for gaming entertainment. The microphone is removable, so it can also be used for chatting.

The ability to chat, play games, watch movies, and listen to music are further enhanced due to the surround sound of these headphones. You can easily adjust the sound too for any incoming audio. It can always be adjusted to what is perfect for the particular usage of these headphones.

Technical Info:

The Turtle Beach Ear Force x41 has two main components – the wireless headphones and a base station. With the base you can use either a digital audio connection or an analog signal. They can be used with most audio devices. There is a feature on the base that also allows you to bypass background audio. They cost about $140.

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