Sony Ericsson HBH PV705

Lightweight and comfortable Bluetooth headset

The fact that this is a Bluetooth enabled headset makes it instantly better than a typical headset. This opens up a whole new vista of capabilities for the user. I like that this is a lightweight headset that can be used in either ear. The sound is good for such a well-rounded headset.

There’s some creaking when pressing the buttons. This was not high or painful in any way but, of course, it would’ve been better had there been no creaking at all. I’m also not a huge fan of the overall look of this headset. It looks a bit outdated, and I would’ve liked it much better if it had a sleeker look.

I think this is a little bland in terms of looks but the performance is pretty solid. The sound is good and the fit is very comfortable. I like the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset HBH-PV705 and would have no problem using it every day.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV705: Like It?

Not the sharpest looking headset around but the performance is solid.

A good and logical upgrade from the HBH-PV700, the HBH-PV705 has a remarkably better battery life for standby and talking. This is a remarkably comfortable headset and while it took me a while to get it adjusted properly, it fits great once you’re all done setting it just the way you like. The HBH-PV705 is designed to allow the user to choose the side where he or she can put the ear loop. I love this feature a lot.

With a simple two-button control, this headset is easy to use. A MFB or a multi-function button and a rocker volume button complete the controls. These buttons make the functionality of the HBH-PV705 as simple as possible. The controls are easily accessible which is fantastic, but the volume button tends to make a creaking noise and this is a little annoying as it’s right there in your ear.

The headset comes in two colors – sand and silver. The sand scratch plate is not very appealing but the silver is much better, at least in my opinion. The dimensions are well balanced with the unit measures 60mm x 16mm and weighs 14 grams. Aesthetic appeal is on the lower end of the spectrum. I think the nicest looking thing on this headset is the Sony Ericsson logo.

Functionally, the HBH-PV705 gives a talk time of 12 hours with the manufacturer claiming 300 hours of standby time. The charger is the same as the one that comes with the W800/W810 or K750 phones. The headset comes with a neck strap and a travel charger, which I liked.

While the incoming audio quality is good, higher volumes get a little distorted. Outgoing audio has also been tested to be decent even with minimum noise reduction. Windy surroundings affect the outgoing audio levels drastically due to lack of noise reduction so this headset is best used indoors in a quieter setting.

Comfortable to use for longer periods of time, the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV705 grows on you. It’s pretty affordable, too.

Technical Info

Weight: 14 grams
Talk time: 12 hours talk, 300 hours standby
Compatible with: W850i , W710i , K610im , W950i , Z710i , P990i , Z550i , V630i , K800i , K610i , W300i , M600i , W700i , K510i , Z530i , W810i , W900i , W550i , Z520i , W800i , K608i , K600i , V600i , K750i , D750i , Z800i , V800 , S700i , P910i , K700i , Z1010 , T630 and Z600.
MSRP: $69.99

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