Plantronics Discovery 925 Wireless Headset

Plantronics Discovery 925 Wireless HeadsetFuturistic look with great sound quality

This headset is enabled with multipoint technology. The headset looks awesome and futuristic. Sound quality is very good.

This headset is rather expensive when compared to its competitors. The design can put some users off. Only one volume button is available on the headset.


Taken right out of science fiction movies, this headset sports a cool new look that would make you feel like you’re on board the Enterprise when you wear it. The new design fits extremely comfortably on the ear as well, and provides great sound quality for calls.

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Plantronics Discovery 925 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Gets the basics right while looking awesome

As you put on your Plantronics Discovery 925 wireless Bluetooth headset and step out on the street, you will feel like Captain Kirk heading out on a great adventure through space. This is thanks to the awesome futuristic design sported by the Plantronics Discovery 925 wireless Bluetooth headset. The headset sports a square head and microphone which tapers off to a point, with blue accents on the head. On the front of the head rests the multifunction button which can be used to pick up incoming calls or to redial the last number. On the left side of the square head is a single volume button. This is rather annoying as we are used to having a volume rocker which can increase and decrease volume on typical Bluetooth headsets. On the Plantronics Discovery 925 wireless Bluetooth headset, the single volume button will simply cycle through three volume presets.

On the back of the Plantronics Discovery 925 wireless Bluetooth headset, the earpiece which sports a gel tip can be found. There are 3 interchangeable eartips, and once you find your size, it will fit into your ear quite comfortably. A small square loop is used to secure the headset to your ear.

The Plantronics Discovery 925 wireless Bluetooth headset comes with a leather charging case, in keeping with its fashionable status. You can charge up the charging case and carry it around, which provides you with quite a bit of extra battery life. The Plantronics Discovery 925 wireless Bluetooth headset provides extremely good call quality thanks to Plantronic’s AudioIQ technology which reduces background noise by a great deal when making calls. Your voice will be delivered quite clearly and naturally to your callers when using this headset.
Although it is a tad on the expensive side, the Plantronics Discovery 925 wireless Bluetooth headset is a great choice of headset which gives you more than value for your money.

Technical Info
Type: Headphone – Monaural
Connectivity Technology: Wireless – Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Bluetooth Profiles: Headset Profile (HSP) , Hands Free Profile (HFP)
Sound Output Mode: Mono
Talk time: 5.5 hours
Transmission Range: 33ft
Microphone: Boom
MSRP: $149.00


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