Plantronics CS 50 Wireless Office Headset Review

Plantronics C 550

  • Full control of use at your fingertips
  • Exceptionally portable
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Amazing 300ft range
  • Fast recharging

    • Those who are sensitive may find their ears a little sore after long use
    • Must be connected to a compatible phone


    The Plantronics CS 50 Wireless Office Headset was designed to add the ability of mobile multitasking to your office. Communication is a huge part of doing business so having the ability to move around the office while talking and maintaining the clarity is very important. When dealing with this type of headset it must meet certain needs to justify being worth the purchase. So does this headset have what it takes? Let's see.
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    Plantronics CS 50 Wireless Office Headset
    Convenience and control meet quality

    The reason why offices still use corded phones in a wireless world is because the clarity of sound is perfect. Plantronics decided to take that technology and seamlessly combine it with a mobile solution. Employees are no longer being restricted to their desks means more productivity in the office. Imagine talking to a client that needs you to make a copy of a document to be faxed over urgently. During the conversation you can already be walking to the copier then the fax machine without having to hang up or put them on hold. In fact, you can walk up to 300 feet away from the phone which should be more than enough for any place of business.

    The first thing worth mentioning here is the easy of control that you have over the Plantronics CS 50 Wireless Office Headset. The control over your calls is literally at your fingertips. With this headset on you can answer calls, end calls, adjust the volume, and mute them all with the push of a button. It is incredibly easy to use and will take no time at all to become completely familiar with.

    Next up is the much needed noise-canceling microphone that is provided. In a place of business there are going to be other things going on within the office. This microphone has an extended boom as well as a noise-canceling filter to remove unwanted sounds in order to enhance speech clarity. Also worth noting is the fact that you get up to 8 hours of talk time per full charge, and it only takes three hours to be fully charged. The headset can be charged while not in use as well so the life of the charge should never really present itself as a problem. Overall this headset is great for any office looking for mobile solutions within the building. While some may find it a bit uncomfortable it is basically like any Bluetooth headset out there for cell phones. If you can handle wearing an earpiece then you should have no problems at all with the Plantronics CS50 Wireless Office Headset.

    Technical Info:

    •    MSRP: $249.99
    •    Talk Time: Up to 8 hours
    •    Range: Up to 300 ft
    •    Operating Frequency: 900 MHz digital
    •    Security/Privacy: Digitally encrypted
    •    Headset Weight: 26 g
    •    Battery Type: Lithium Ion Polymer
    •    Compatibility: Most office or PBX-based telephone

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