MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Headset

MOTOROLA H500 Wireless HeadsetAn ergonomic headset

The design of the headset is ergonomic and comfortable. The headset provides good call quality. There are different color options available.

The headset is bulky when compared to other wireless headsets of this type.


This cool-looking headset is all about design. Its ergonomic curves and lines provide the greatest amount of comfort you could expect from a Bluetooth headset. Motorola has gone for a cool new look with this headset model, with smaller function buttons and a curvy look that is futuristic.

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MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Make your calls in comfort

The MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset is all about comfort. It has been designed primarily as an ergonomic headset which will not give you various pains or annoying feelings behind your ear. The look is sleek and curvy; it reminds you of a futuristic space ship. Although it is a bit bulky and weighs 0.55oz, it is still very comfortable to wear thanks to its innovative design.

The MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset is one for the fashion-minded as it also comes with a choice of colors which you can purchase the one that suits your taste. It comes in Nickel, Pink, Ice and Magenta with either white or silver accents. The ear hook used to fit the MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset more securely to your ear sports a great ergonomic design with rubber padding; therefore you will never feel uncomfortable while wearing this headset. The ear hook can be size-adjusted to fit your ear or twisted around to fit on both ears.

The earpiece of the MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset is more like a small speaker and does not wedge in your ear as with other Bluetooth headsets. Rather, it rests against your ear allowing you to take off the headset at a moment’s notice. A multifunction button is available at the middle of the front area of the headset, and you can use this to make calls, redial your last number or by holding it down, to pair the MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset with a phone. Volume buttons can be found on either side of the headset.

The MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset provides decent call quality with both parties hearing what the other is saying without much of a problem. However, it is quite hard to use the headset effectively in noisy environments. It is pretty simple to pair the MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset with any mobile phone with Bluetooth 2.0 capability; simply press and hold the multifunction button.

The MOTOROLA H500 Wireless Bluetooth headset is a great Bluetooth headset if you’re a frequent caller who are always wearing your headset on your ear.


Technical Info
Type: Headphone – Monaural
Connectivity Technology: Wireless – Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Bluetooth Profiles: Headset Profile (HSP) , Hands Free Profile (HFP)
Sound Output Mode: Mono
Talk time: 6 hours
Transmission Range: 30ft
Microphone: Boom
MSRP: $100.00


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