Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset Communicator

Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset CommunicatorInexpensive USB headset.

Sadly, not much good here. The Xbox 360 headset communicator’s only real selling point is that it can be an inexpensive replacement if you break the stock set that comes with an Xbox live subscription package. Other than that, it’s all middle-of-the-road performance.

Cheap construction and brittle plastic make the durability of the wired communicator questionable. Since there’s very little difference among many video game headsets, construction quality can be everything.


Unless you can’t afford anything else, this probably isn’t worth your money. Cheap construction and average performance make the wired communicator nothing spectacular. For a little more money, you can get a 3rd party headset that offers the same features plus a more durable package.

Microsoft Drops the Ball with This Communicator

I was not at all impressed with this headset. In fact, avoid this wired communicator if you can afford to.

Unfortunately, Microsoft dropped the ball with the 360 Headset Communicator. Xbox Live is known as the great equalizer among gaming geeks, and gamers expect only the best peripherals when they invest hours of time in online play. Sadly, the 360 Headset Communicator is far from the best. Chances are you already have one that came with your Xbox bundle or live package; so the only reason to purchase this headset is if you manage to break your original (not very hard to do).

I was displeased with the overall construction of the communicator as it seemed rather cheap. The plastic components were all lightweight and flimsy, and the headband felt brittle like it was going to snap if my head were any larger. The hinge on the earpiece also felt flimsy, like it could easily break with even the slightest amount of pressure.

The boom microphone is ok, but not great. Ideally, I would’ve liked to see a larger range of motion. I will say the inclusion of an air guard on the microphone is a nice addition as not a lot of headsets include one nowadays.

Audio performance of both the microphone and earpiece are pretty much on par with what you’d expect from stock headsets: not great, not bad, just average. I enjoyed the inline volume adjustment and mute button. These are pretty standard on headsets, especially ones meant for gaming. Nevertheless they were a nice inclusion.

Overall, this is not a great buy. If you’re in the market for a replacement headset I would either go with a third party replacement or (if you can afford it) the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless headset Communicator.


Technical Info
Noise canceling: Yes
Adjustable boom: Yes
Wired: Yes
Volume control: Yes
Mute switch: Yes
Over the head: Yes
MSRP: $19.99


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