Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset

Inexpensive Bluetooth headset

The headset is inexpensive for Bluetooth technology. Its performance is decent, and styling is really funky. This isn’t a plain Jane kind of headset. It has a stylish modern look which is appealing.

Some people may not like the shape and style.

This is a fantastic value for a Bluetooth headset. Its unobtrusive looks, and dependable performance will not disappoint. In a market where the average Bluetooth headset is around $100 it is nice to see a company making headsets for the budget crowd.

Another Solid Entry in the Budget Headset Arena

Inexpensive Bluetooth headset offers no frills dependable performance.

The Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset is a decent pick for an inexpensive Bluetooth headset. As you may already know, Bluetooth headsets are pricey. They oftentimes go for well over $150-200. Knowing the Jabra BT500 costs a little over $100, I had pretty low expectations as I opened the box.

As far as aesthetics go, my fears were quickly laid to rest. The BT500 is not the slimmest Bluetooth headset out there, but it’s pretty small. The black and gray plastic gives this headset a sleek look and the shape is rather interesting. Some may be put off by the stylish design, and others may like it. It has an unusual look – a much more interesting one than the Jabra BT350.

As far as usability is concerned, the BT500 had definite strengths and weaknesses. The on/off button is positioned in an easily accessible location. The volume rocker, however, is far too stiff and difficult to press. Also, the pairing button is leveled with the headset, which makes it nearly impossible to pair the device once it’s on your ear. Just make sure you pair it with your phone before putting the headset on. This way, it’s not really a big deal.

The BT500’s sound quality was OK. Friends reported that sound was clear, but they definitely noticed I was using a headset. On my end, however, sound was clear and satisfying.

All in all, the BT500 performs well for its price, and its unique design will attract many consumers. Sound quality wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard, but for the best expect to pay a lot more.

Technical Info
Talk time: 8 hrs
Bluetooth compatible: Yes version 1.2
Mute Feature: Yes
MSRP: $119

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