Bose Bluetooth Headset Review

Bose Bluetooth HeadsetThe first Bluetooth headset from Bose

The Bose Bluetooth headset comes with wonderfully crisp audio and strong volume.  It can also stream music and comes at a good price, for Bose.

It can only be played in the right ear, has a relatively short battery life, and some users have noted dropped calls.


Bose is known for delivering big sound in a small package. This is their smallest package yet and, though it doesn't contain the biggest sound, it certainly fills the job of Bluetooth headset with ease and skill. Audio is crisp and clean and the ability to stream music is a definite plus. It isn't perfect, but for its price you'd have trouble finding a better headset.

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Bose Bluetooth Headset Review

The first Bluetooth from Bose

Bose has always been known for packing the biggest amount of audio in the smallest of packages. Their various CD and record players put forth incredibly rich and complex audio, audio that wouldn't be out of place in a professional studio, all from a small little system that resembled an alarm clock in many cases. So when Bose announced it would be releasing its first Bluetooth headset, the expectations were astronomical. If there's one company that could pack stellar sound into a tiny little earbud, it would be Bose.

But now that the Bose Bluetooth Headset is on the market, does it meet and exceed the demands expected of it? Well, for one thing, the headset is certainly loud. Anyone who has suffered through a bluetooth ear bud that maxed out at too quiet a volume has nothing to worry about with Bose's new entry: This thing seriously amps up the volume. And this loud volume comes through very clear and crisp. Phone calls are equally pristine. Users on both ends will enjoy the incredible clarity (thanks in no small part to the noise-canceling mic), and many people on the other line will be surprised to find that they're talking to someone on a Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth aspect of the phone is also very strong and dependable; streaming music from iTunes is a snap.

But Bose has always been famous for their sound quality. The company would always win awards for the richness of their bass, the clarity of their trebles, and the major distinctions between highs and mids. Alas, they don't pave new ground in their new headset when it comes to audio capability. The sound quality is good but it isn't going to change the world in any way. But this is okay: It's a Bluetooth headset and nobody expects major audio from something so small. What it does do, it does well. There are still minor gripes here and there, though. The battery life is pretty short, and some users have noticed dropped calls occurring every now and then. Also, the ear bud only works for the right ear and Heaven forbid you have hearing loss in that ear. But some of these issues are not particular to Bose; many of the finest Bluetooth headsets are not perfect. And besides, this is one of the most affordable products Bose has ever put out. For about a hundred and fifty bucks you can get what may be the finest Bluetooth headset on the market right now. And nothing sounds as good as that.

Technical Info
MSRP: $149.99
Noise-canceling microphone
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Rechargeable battery
No ear hook needed

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