Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset

Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible HeadsetYou won’t even feel it on your ear

The headset is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The sound quality provided is extremely good and the headset can be used within a large range from the base.

The various adjustments that you have to make in order to use the headset can be annoying. This headset is on the expensive side.


If you want to ‘walk and talk’ while making business calls using your office desk phone, this is the device that you should go for. This headset is quite tiny, and you won’t even feel it when you’re wearing it. Plus it gives great sound quality up to quite a hefty range from the base, which means you can walk quite a distance while using it!

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Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset

Good call quality with comfort

The Plantronics CS50 wireless convertible headset is a tiny gadget that you can use to turn your office desk phone in to a cordless, wireless device. This headset will connect effortlessly to whatever desk phone you may be using at your office, and you will be able to make calls using the headset as your earpiece and mouthpiece. It’s the perfect solution for busy salesmen or call-center agents, as well as for busy executives.

By plugging the Plantronics CS50 wireless convertible headset back into its base unit, you have the option of going back to your desk phone. The base unit contains the volume controls as well as a compatibility button which can be used to configure your desk phone with the headset. If you want to make or answer calls using your Plantronics CS50 wireless convertible headset, you will have to lift the handset of your desk phone. This can be avoided by purchasing a handset lifter that will lift up the handset for you when you press the call button on the headset.

The Plantronics CS50 wireless convertible headset comes with a clip or headband that you can use to secure the headset in place. The headband seems to be more reliable as the clip is said to break quite quickly.

Thanks to the noise-canceling features available on the microphone, your callers will hear you voice clearly when you are using the Plantronics CS50 wireless convertible headset. Incoming voice quality is quite good as well.

Once again Plantronics have given us a great device that we can use to make our lives easier. It would be great to get yourself a Plantronics CS50 wireless convertible headset and start making calls at your office, the easy way.

Technical Info
Type: Headset – monaural
Connectivity Technology: Wireless radio
Transmission frequency: 900MHz
Transmission Range: 100m
Digital Encryption: Yes
Battery life: 10-hour talk time
Microphone: Boom
MSRP: $399.95


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