Jabra Pro

-Great and seamless versatility when switching between phones
-Powerful and dependable microphone
-Crisp and clear audio when volume isn't too high
-Impressive range


-Slight hissing noise at high volumes
-Not much range when using cell phones
-Price is a little high


Though there is plenty to love about the Jabra Pro 9470, there are also a few drawbacks that make it seem like it was rushed into production early. The touchscreen is nifty, but it contributes too much to the high price. Some potential buyers might be better off buying an equally priced headset with no touchscreen, but fewer technical issues.

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JABRA PRO 9470: A Closer Look
The First Office Headset with Touch Screen

Having to field calls all day and spend endless hours in video and audio conferences is enough to drive even the most proactive businessmen and women positively batty. A quality office headset, along with a bottle of ulcer medication and a good shrink, are major necessities for many professional individuals, but it seems that there are more good shrinks than good headsets these days. The Jabra Pro 9470 hopes to change all that.

The first thing you'll notice about the 9470 is its striking and beautiful LCD touch screen – A first for an office headset. This is part of the reason for the somewhat lofty price tag. But another, more practical reason is for the impressive versatility of the phone. It can easily switch between your office phone, smartphone, computer, and more. The mic is also of a rather superior quality and the headset it self offers quite a far-reaching range. Users can walk a decent distance without losing clarity, although this is less true when using your cell phone, since the Bluetooth only connects to the base. This is a minor fault, but a fault nonetheless.

But an office headset isn't worth the paperweight it sits next to unless it can make the awful task of hours of phone conversation bearable. It is here that the Jabra Pro 9470 starts to show signs of faltering. A background hiss has been pointed out by many users and this is an unforgivable offense for any office phone. Some static is okay if you spend less than an hour a day on the phone but an office professional who's dealt with hours of hissing backgrounds knows that few things are more maddening. The hiss is only a problem when the volume is turned up high, but plenty of professionals like their phone volume to be near the top and it isn't fair that they should have to suffer. Like the Bluetooth issues, this is yet another small drawback that Jabra must have missed when fine-tuning the machine.

A few quirks are okay for a moderately-priced headset but when we start getting into the Jabra's price range we prefer a little more dedication to quality. Though the 9470 is quite impressive for many reasons, its price seems to be a little too steep to justify some of its glaring faults. 

Technical Info:

MSRP: $549.00
Multiuse Technology
Dual microphones
Noise Blackout System
Digital Signal Processing
Weight: 1 ounce

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