Jabra PRO 9465 Wireless Headset Review

Jabra PRO 9465 Wireless Headset Review

Get rid of the background noise with Jabra PRO 9465!

The device comes with a stylish design and uses the DECT technology. It includes an intuitive configuring system and a wide range of features. Also, it works at long ranges.

The product is quite expensive for the features it provides users with, even if it can be very useful for those who often make calls. Also, the volume controls are too sensitive and can cause problems when using them.


Jabra PRO 9465 headsets come with the great feature of triple connectivity, which allows users to get rid of difficulties when it comes to changing between desk, soft and mobile phones. The noise canceling is also very efficient. However, the price it costs is way too high for such a device.

Jabra PRO 9465 Wireless Headset Review

A quality wireless office headsets choice for you!

The main aspect that grabs the attention when starting a Jabra PRO 9465 wireless headset review is the triple connectivity option the user has. This makes Jabra PRO 9456 headphones be one of the few products to be offering the users such freedom and thus a high level of comfort. Users can answer and make calls not only by the means of software, but also by the means of desk and mobile phone.

Another great advantage of using this device that comes in mind when writing Jabra PRO 9456 wireless headset review is its functionality over long ranges. The device functions properly and the sound is clear up to 490 feet away from the base. This is a great plus, as users are provided with increased mobility levels when using Jabra PRO 9465 wireless headphones.

The DECT 6.0 technology represents an advanced improvement when compared to older models. Although the touch sensor controls can lead to difficulties in adjusting the volume, you will get used to the sensitivity level in time.

Technical Info
Headset Type: Wireless
Multiuse connectivity: Yes, triple
Microphone Technology: Noise Canceling
Talk time: up to 11 hours
MSRP: $549.00


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