Jabra GN9350e OC Wireless Headset

Jabra GN9350e OC Wireless HeadsetA single headset for all your calling needs

Allows you to connect to your land phone for land calls and to your computer for VoIP calls. The headset transmits and receives audio in high quality. The microphone is enabled with noise-canceling features.

Talk time is a little low when connected to the PC. At times, noise may not get filtered properly, especially if you are at the end of the transmitter’s range.


An extremely useful headset that can be connected to both your phone line and to your computer simultaneously, the Jabra BN9350e headset provides a very easy solution that can replace all your other handsets and headsets. As with all Jabra products, sound quality is at an optimum when delivered through this headset.

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Jabra GN9350e OC Wireless Headset

Great range for a wireless headset

The Jabra GN9350e OC wireless headset is a revelation in office headset technology. Its main feature is the ability to connect the base to both a computer and a land phone line, which means that you can make calls over both land line and the Internet using this headset.

The Jabra GN9350e OC wireless headset comes with a base which acts as the co-coordinator between different devices, the transmitter for the headset and the battery charger for the headset battery provided by the manufacturer. It transmits using wireless DECT technology. Jabra GN9350e OC wireless headset base comes equipped with a handy LCD screen which will show the status of the connected devices as well as whether you are online via a VoIP client that you choose. The headset battery can last for up to 9 hours of talk time when fully charged for land lines and up to 6 hours for VoIP calls. The range for wireless transmission is about 350 feet. As the transmitter uses Wideband wireless technology, great sound quality is delivered to the headset. The microphone of the Jabra GN9350e OC wireless headset is enabled with noise-cancellation, which means your voice will be delivered as clearly as possible to the listener.

The Jabra GN9350e OC wireless headset is also enabled with Jabra’s PeakStop technology, which cuts out any frequency peaks that occur during a call, protecting your hearing from being damaged.

To conclude this Jabra GN9350e OC wireless headset review, we will state that the Jabra GN9350e OC wireless headset is a sure-fire solution to make sure that your calls both over land line and over the Internet are easier to handle.

Technical Info
Type: Headphones – Monaural
Connectivity Technology – Wireless DECT
Radio Transmitter Power – 63mW
Radio Frequency Range – 1.8GHz
Headset weight: .913 oz. (26 g)
Base weight: 8.9 oz. (255 g)
MSRP: $220.00

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