Jabra GN9330e USB OC Wireless Headset

Jabra GN9330e USB OC Wireless HeadsetMakes it easier to make VoIP calls

This headset allows easy configuration with your PC after which it will be compatible with any VoIP client. The headset delivers excellent sound quality. Noise-cancellation features are enabled on the microphone.

Available talk time on a full charge is lower than contemporary headsets. Can crackle a bit at times due to noise.


Comfortable and easy to use, this headset provides you with the best experience possible during a Voice over IP call. Connecting it to your personal computer is an absolute cinch and you will be talking in no time. The noise-canceling features of the microphone and the headset’s frequency control methods protect the integrity of the call at all times.

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Jabra GN9330e USB OC Wireless Headset

Unbelievable calling features for a small price

The Jabra GN 9330e USB OC Wireless headset provides quite an innovative new alternative which you can use to make Internet calls through your PC. It will take you next to no time to set up this handy gadget with your computer, as it comes with a pre-installed setup wizard which will make it possible for you to use the Jabra GN 9330e USB OC Wireless headset along with any VoIP client you may have installed on your PC. Once this is done, you are ready to make your IP calls as you wish using the Jabra GN 9330e USB OC Wireless headset.

This versatile headset can be worn over-the-head or behind-the-ear due to its innovative design. The soft cushioning provided by the headband and the earpiece will allow you to make your calls in comfort. The headset battery is pre-installed and will automatically recharge when the Jabra GN 9330e USB OC Wireless headset is placed on the base, which also acts as the transmitter. On a single re-charge, you can talk for up to 6 hours keeping the headset completely separated from the base. The base uses Wireless DECT technology to transmit call data to the headset, and the wideband frequency allowance means that calls will be of exceptional quality. The headset can be used within a range of 120m from the base.

In order to protect your hearing, Jabra’s PeakStop technology is pre-installed on the Jabra GN 9330e USB OC Wireless headset, and this technology will cut out any frequency peaks that occur during the call. Furthermore, the headset microphone is enabled with noise-cancelling features, which will ensure that your voice is delivered clearly to whoever you are calling.

All in all, the Jabra GN 9330e USB OC Wireless headset is a great piece of equipment that you could definitely go for if you’re a frequent VoIP user.

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Technical Info
Type: Headphones – Monaural
Connectivity Technology: Wireless DECT
Sound Output Mode: Mono
Transmission Power: 63mW
Talk time: 6 hours
Response Bandwidth: 150 – 6800 Hz
Microphone: Boom
MSRP: $229.99


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