Etymotic Hf3 Headphones

Etymotic Hf3 HeadphonesPremium Sound with Convenient Controls

Sound Quality and Custom iPad/iPod Controls with excellent noise reduction. There is also a 2 year warranty on the Hf3 sets.  The ear buds are comfortable and the audio quality is premium grade.

The custom control mechanism is only compatible with Apple products. The microphone level for speaking is a task to master. The pricing is expensive for the poor microphone quality


The HF3’s microphone is an inconvenience but the sound quality is great.

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HF3 Headphones

Getting into Etymotics Hf3 Sound Quality

Full Product Review

If you’re a fan of the Apple products and you need a set of headphones to enjoy the music on your iPod or to make sure you can hear calls via your iPhone then the Etymotics Hf3 may be all you need.

The Etymotics boasts a comfortable ear bud that helps with the already excellent noise reduction built in the set. You’ll find a gift for your purchase in the form of a voucher to help with the expense of custom fitting your Hf3s.

When you’re on the go taking phone calls and listening to music, you don’t want to have to worry about whether you can hear the audio or person on the phone. These headphones are engineered to cancel out background noise and raise the quality of sound you hear. You can control the set via 3 buttoned mechanisms that also allows for hands free talking. The microphone is positioned close and the consumer can pause music, answer a call all without removing anything from the pocket.

When it came to clear audio quality in the loudest of places, the etymotics hf3 headset excelled. However, the microphone itself was very quiet. Listeners had issues hearing. You can turn up the volume on the iPhone was a quick fix. You may find yourself having to speak louder to be heard.

If you want to adjust the sound quality when listening to audio, tinker around with the equalizer panel to try and balance out the sound to your tastes.

The liner controls of the etymotics makes it easy to breeze through the basic functions of your Apple devices.


The etymotic hf3 headphones have excellent sound reduction and quality. The microphone levels are the only downside to this set. The in line controls make it easy to multitask between listening to audio and taking a phone call.


Technical Info
MSRP $179.00
Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 2 x 6.8 inches; 4 ounces
Headset and earphones for iPod, iPhone
3.5 mm/4-contact phone plus stereo plug
20Hz-16kHz frequency response accuracy, 16 Ohms impedance



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