Tritton AX Pro

Tritton AX Pro

The Tritton AX ProSee What Amazon is Selling it for

Tritton AX Pro

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Full Product Review: Here is the main review section where you offer your thoughts on the product.  Do the research and see what others are thinking.  Amazon is a great place to read REAL user feedback and should help in writing your review for the product. The headphones are simple to adjust for a proper fit. They can be worn for several hours at a time without any discomfort being experienced.

Technical Info:

There are settings you can control with these headphones, such as how much bass you will have. The volume control wheel is very simple to use. There is a two foot long built in cable that makes it very simple to be able to move around. The best technology has been added to ensure that the sounds can be adjusted for different types of listening based on what activity you are involved with.

 The retail price of the Tritton AX Pro is about $150.

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