Nintendo DS Headset

Nintendo DS HeadsetHeadset accessory for the Nintendo DS

This is a good upgrade from the DS Lite built-in microphone. The reception is good and for this price you couldn't do better.

If you’re not used to a single earphone headset, you may find the earpiece uncomfortable. However, you’ll get used to the feeling after a little while. Also, they should add some color options.


The Nintendo DS Headset does what it says it’ll do, and does it well. The audio isn’t the best, but neither is the audio from the DS itself.

Good Price But Limited Use

A handy device that sounds OK and allows you to enjoy your games better than before.

The Nintendo DS Headset is a welcome addition to the DS family of accessories.  It's one of those things you won't need often, but it’ll come in handy when you do.

The Nintendo DS comes with a built-in microphone, but unfortunately, its placement is far from perfect. The microphone is located in the absolute middle of the console (right near the hinge). In order to be heard clearly, the user must reposition the DS close to their face and speak directly into the mic. This wouldn’t be a problem if the DS wasn’t a game system, but it is, and the player needs to remain focused on the screens, not the positioning of the mic.

Seemingly, the DS Headset is the perfect solution to this otherwise annoying problem. I was slightly worried about the headset performance because for its low price, I thought I couldn’t expect much.

The earpiece doesn’t produce the best audio I’ve heard, but to be fair the DS isn’t capable of producing impressive audio to begin with. Its microphone performance was a vast improvement over the stock DS microphone.  In fact, it was a difference like night and day.

Sadly, there aren’t many games out there that make use of the DS microphone, so the headset will be of limited use. Developers are still discovering all the unique functions available to them on the DS, so I expect a greater number of games will make use of the microphone in the near future.

I should also mention that there’s a lack of choices when it comes to available colors. The basic white looks fine, but since the DS comes in so many colors, it would’ve made more sense if the headsets did as well.

Technical Info
Style: Ear clip, boom microphone
Color: White
Platform: Nintendo DS
MSRP: $14.99

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