Califone 2964AV Deluxe Mono Headset

Califone 2964AV Deluxe Mono HeadsetDeluxe mono (monaural) headset with two 1/4 “ plugs

The around-the-ear earpads feature ambient noise-reducing technology to block out outside noise that may disturb students and disrupt their attention. The earpads are made with washable leatherette wrapped in ABS plastic, so they can be wiped off between use if needed. The volume controls are located on the earpads and the headstrap, made with comfort-fit straps, is adjustable. The white/black color combination gives this headset a sleek, modern look that is both simple yet aesthetically pleasing.

The Delux Monaural Headset 2964AV is supplemental reading and writing headset that is designed to be used with card readers. It is not compatible with Windows of Mac computers.


This headset can only be used with card readers. However, with noise reduction technology and an omnidirectional electrets stereo boom microphone with a built-in wind screen, this headset is idea for speech therapy, ELD, ELL and other language learning applications. Its high-quality speakers have a just a 5% distortion percentage to help students remain focused on their lessons. Also, the speakers feature slotted baffles which prevent students from playing with and/or damaging the earphone speakers.

Califone 2964AV Deluxe Mono Headset

Deluxe mono (monaural) headset with two 1/4“ plugs

The Deluxe Monaural Headset comes with two nickel-plated ¼” plugs that are used with card readers. These plugs are not compatible with Windows or Mac. The “around-the-ear” headset comes equipped with replaceable and washable leatherette ear pads wrapped in ABS plastic that feature ambient noise-reducing technology.  This diminishes exterior sound, so that the user doesn’t have to turn up the volume to high levels.  The volume controls are even set on the ear pads. The headstrap is adjustable and manufactured with “comfort fit” straps.  The omnidirectional electret stereo boom microphone is composed of dynamic mylar and comes equipped with a built-in wind screen.  The slotted baffles prevent students from tampering with the speakers, preventing accidental puncture. The high-quality speakers only have a distortion percentage of 5%. This is one of the reasons why educators use the Deluxe Monoaural Headset as the standard headphone for card readers. Because of its noise-reducing earcups, it allows the card reading students to focus on speech therapies, ELL, ELD and other language learning applications.


Technical Info
Speaker size: 40mm Diameter (1.6 inches)
Diaphragm: Mylar
Magnet: Ferrite
Impedance: 600 Ohms +/-15% each side
Frequency Response: 32 Hz – 18 kHz
Sound Pressure Level: 93 dB +/- 3 dB
Power Capacity: 20 milliwatts RMS, 150 milliwatts peak
Distortion: 5%
Cord: 6’ straight
Plug: 1/4” Nickel-plated
Boom Microphone Type: Dynamic Mylar
Size: 19mm
Impedance: 200 ohms
Neck length: 4.7”
Plug (Mono): 1/4” Nickel-plated
Ear Pad: Washable PVC
Headband: PVC with Comfort Sling
Earcup: Noise-reducing, ABS plastic for durability
Color: Beige with black foam
Weight: 10 oz., shipping weight 2 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year for use in schools, businesses,
churches and government facilities
Safety Approval: CE rated safe for school use
Price: $34.00


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