Altec Lansing HS615 Gaming Headset

altec lansing ahs615 gaming headsetGaming headset with SRS 3-D Audio Technology

Features a unique open-air ear cup design that’s aesthetically appealing. Comes with an inline controller that allows you to adjust microphone and SRS volume. Sounds come in clearly and the microphone allows you to come through clearly, as well.

Doesn’t come with instructions. Once you open the package, all you’ll find is the headset. The SRS works only with battery power, while the headset doesn’t require batteries. The inline controller is also rather bulky, so it’s not as convenient to clip onto yourself.


Generally a good headset that features SRS 3-D Audio Technology which provides a high-quality surround sound experience. The controller allows you to adjust the volume of the ear cups, microphone volume, and also SRS technology. The AHS615 also features an interesting design. Strangely enough, this headset doesn’t come with any instructions and the controller is battery powered and bulky.

Altec Lansing HS615 Gaming Headset

Gaming headset with SRS 3-D Audio Technology

The AHS615 is a gaming headset with SRS 3-D Audio Technology. SRS 3-D Audio is an award-winning technology that specializes in providing the most optimal surround sound. This feature performs the best when it is fed with continuous sound, making it the ideal choice for gamers. The high performance 40mm neodymium earphones deliver superb audio quality. The gold-plated 3.5mm connector increases conductivity of the audio signal, assuring the purest sound without distortion. The microphone comes equipped with a noise-canceling feature that helps eliminate unwanted noise. The full-open air design, padded headband and leatherette earpads are sure to remain comfortable for hours.

Technical Info
Connection: Two 3.5mm plugs
Cable Length: 10' (3m)
Headphone: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Microphone: 100 Hz – 16 kHz
Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB
Features: SRS Audio, High performance 40mm neodymium ear-phones, Adjustable deluxe padded headband, Full open air design, Noise-rejecting microphone, Handy multi-function controller, Microphone volume control, Gold-plated connectors
Price: $79.99

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