Plantronics .Audio 750 DSP Headset Review

Plantronics .Audio 750 DSP Headset ReviewChange the way you perceive multimedia

This headset gives the maximum in comfort and quality. The provided USB adapter allows you to quickly connect the headset to connect to any computer. Earpieces are cushioned and large for maximum comfort and effectiveness in delivering bass.

Sometimes gives an annoying humming noise. The Ear and headband cushions of the headset tend to peel after a while.


From a range of low-budget computer headsets comes the Planatronics Audio 750 DSP headset. This headset is bent on offering you an all-round experience no matter what multimedia application you are using on your computer. Be it for gaming, music, Voice over IP calls, or watching movies, this headset will deliver good quality.

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Plantronics Audio 750 DSP Headset Review

Can be used for every multimedia application

Users that wrote Planatronics Audio 750 DSP headset reviews mentioned that the device is a great product which gives you the opportunity to have a great multimedia experience on your computer. It is an over-the-head standard headset which comes with a USB adapter which can be used to plug it into virtually any PC. Another cool feature of the Planatronics Audio 750 DSP is its ability to convey high quality audio no matter what applications you are using it with. The well-cushioned lightweight and supple headband as well as the earpieces with ample cushioning provides you with the kind of comfort that enables you to wear the Planatronics Audio 750 DSP all day without feeling a thing. However, some users have complained that the cushioning on the earpieces and headband tend to harden and peel after a few months of use.
As described by the manufacturer’s Planatronics Audio 750 DSP headset review, the 40mm speakers embedded in the earpieces are designed to provide the maximum amount of bass playback as well as great quality throughout all ranges of sound. This design allows you to listen to music, play games or watch movies while enjoying the full audio quality provided by each multimedia application. The Planatronics .Audio 750 DSP is delivered into your hands along with Planatronic’s ProSono software, which allows you to control the microphone and earphone volumes and levels of various audio ranges to down to the minutest detail. The software also allows you to define presets for your favorite applications, and these presets will be loaded whenever you launch each specific application.

The microphone of the Planatronics Audio 750 DSP headset is enabled with noise-cancellation, a feature which means that during VoIP calls, your voice will be delivered clearly to whoever you’re talking to.

Once you have purchased it, you will not regret getting the Planatronics Audio 750 DSP, as it will give you comfort and clarity. Watch out for the lowering of standards when it gets old though, you might have to think about replacing it before this happens.

Technical Info
Type: Headphones – Binaural
Connectivity: 1 x Microphone ( Mini-phone 3.5 mm ) , 1 x Headphones ( Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ) , 1 x Headset ( 4 pin USB Type A )
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Microphone: Boom
Microphone operating mode: Mono
Additional features: Noise-canceling circuit
MSRP: $79.95

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