Logitech USB Headset 250

Logitech USB Headset 250Inexpensive USB headset with great sound.

The 250 offers good sound quality despite its low price. Plus, this headset’s ample ear cushioning provides good sound isolation.

Cheap construction and an uncooperative USB plug reduce the quality of this headset. An inline volume control would’ve been a nice addition to this product.

A good headset for its price but not at all perfect. The Logitech 250 offers great audio performance, but its flimsy frame is a downfall.

Logitech Delivers On Sound But Lacks In Construction

A good headset for its price but not at all perfect. The Logitech 250 offers great audio performance, but its flimsy frame is a downfall.

I needed a new Skype/general purpose/gaming headset, so I thought I’d give the Logitech 250 a shot. Overall, this headset is a mixed bag.  With a little extra work, it would be a great product.

The Logitech 250 is fairly comfortable.  Its headband fits about right, so no complaints there. The headphones are somewhat awkward, though. Rather than sitting all the way around your ear, like most headphones with a thick layer of cushioning do, they sit on top of it. This takes some getting used to. It’s not uncomfortable per se; it just feels odd at first.

I was dismayed that Logitech didn’t include an inline volume control. It should be standard to include one in any headset that cost over $10. The plastic used on the headband and microphone joint seemed a little flimsy. The headphones never broke while I was using them, but I felt like they could have quite easily.

The biggest issue that arose from using the Logitech USB Headset 250 was its annoying USB plug. I tested the headset on a couple different computers, using different USB ports.  About 50% of the time I had to jiggle the plug to make sure it would register a connection.

Audio performance was surprisingly good. I was impressed by the clear range this headset had to offer, producing deep bass and nice highs. The microphone quality was also good. The noise canceling mic actually removed a lot of extraneous noise. That’s not to say it’s a miracle worker (you could still hear my dogs in the background) but it handled wind and general white noise rather well.

Technical Info
Component Type: Headset
Specific Uses For Product: PC Multimedia
Compatible with: Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, Me or XP, Macintosh OS X 10.3 or better
Remote Control Description: None
Audio Output Type: Headphones
Headphones Technology: Binaural
Headphones Form Factor: Ear-Cup
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Audio Output Mode: Stereo
Audio Input: Microphone
Microphone Form Factor: Built-In
Microphone Operation Mode: Mono
Audio Sensitivity: -38 Dbv/Pascal
Width: 7.68 Inches
Height: 10.24 Inches
Weight: 0.73 Pounds
Length: 3.35 Inches
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
MSRP: $39.99

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