Califone Deluxe Stereo Headset 3066-USB/3066AV

Califone Deluxe Stereo Headset 3066-USB/3066AVDurable headset with noise minimizing earcups

The 3066-USB features a convenient inline volume, mute and microphone control while the 3066 features these controls on the earcups. Ambient noises are significantly minimized with ABS plastic earcups, which reduces the need to increase the volume to eliminate extraneous noise.

The microphone may be conveniently sized on these models, but the rest of the headset isn’t. The earcups and headband are large, bulky and unappealing to the eye.


Although Califone Deluxe Stereo Headsets are designed with an adjustable padded headband and stereo leatherette headphones with 40mm Mylar for what would seem like added comfort, the overall size and shape of the headset work against it. Nevertheless, the headset is durable. It’s important to note this headset doesn’t require that users increase the volume of the headset to reduce extraneous noise. This reduces discomfort and potential damage to hearing.

Califone Deluxe Stereo Headset 3066-USB/3066AV

Durable headset with noise minimizing earcups

The Deluxe Stereo Headset comes in two models 3066-USB and the 3066AV. Besides the connection ports (3066-USB [USB plug, eliminates need for a sound card], 3066AV [3.5mm plug, PC/MAC compatible]) the most noticeable difference between the two are the functions of the headphones. While the 3066-USB has the in-line volume, mute and mic controls on its permanently attached 7” straight cord, the 3066AV has the volume controls on its noise-reducing earcups. Unlike the earcups on the 3066-USB, the ABS plastic earcups on the 3066AV lowers ambient noise to deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds. This is important because not only does it function without electronic circuitry but this reduces the need to increase the volume to high ranges, which in turn protects the student’s eardrums. The standard features include an electret-condenser boom microphone, an adjustable padded headband and stereo leatherette headphones with 40mm Mylar. One of the most durable headsets in its class, the compact deluxe stereo headset is specifically designed for language learning, tutorials, high speed internet listening, multimedia applications and even a web phone.  However, the headset is rather large and bulky, and may not be the most convenient for younger students.

Technical Info


Headphone Speaker: 40mm Mylar
Magnet: Ferrite Cobalt
Impedance: NA
Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 100dB SPL ± 3dB at 1kHz
Input: Min. input 20 milliwatts, max. 30 milliwatts
R/L Output Diff: 3 dB
Distortion: 5%
Input Connection: Backwards compatible USB 2.0
Earcup / Earpad: Noise reducing ABS plastic, leatherette
Cord: 7’ straight with inline volume control
Microphone Type: Electret condensor
Directivity: Omnidirectional
Sensitivity: -41dB, standard -38dB, max -35dB
Frequency Response: 20-16,000 Hz
Impedance: 1,500 Ohms ± 15%
Operating Voltage: Nominal +3V; accepts 1.5V-10V
Output Connection: Backwards compatible USB activated host interface 1.0/ 1.1/2.0
Price: $53

Headphones Type: Binaural
Form Factor: Ear-cup
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Connector Type: Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, Mini-phone 3.5 mm
Cables Length: 5 ft
Headphones Technology: Dynamic
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Cables Type: Headset cable
Headset Connectivity Technology: Wired
Microphone Type: Microphone Built-in Boom
Microphone Technology: Electret condenser
Battery: None
Power Supply / Device: None
Connector Type: 1 Headphones Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm Installed, 1 Microphone Mini-phone 3.5 mm Installed
Cable(s) Included: 1 Headset cable Integrated 5 ft
Price: $42


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