Califone 4100-USB Headset

Califone 4100-USB HeadsetGreat USB headset for schools

Designed for high speed internet use, the Califone USB Headset 4100-USB has a frequency range of 30-20,000 Hz which makes for balanced sound distribution and therefore, an optimal listening experience.

Very large earcups will overtake smaller students’ heads and potentially cause discomfort. On the website, you’ll see that a child is wearing the USB Headset 4100-USB in an image posted next to the product information. The headset is large and bulky (and she looks very unhappy with it on).


The 4100-USB headset features a very long cord which makes moving around with the headset on easy. However, a longer cord normally means more potential to trip and/or rip the cord out. Fortunately, Califone thought this through and implemented a double-reinforced channel lock strain relief system to avoid accidental pull-outs of the cord. This headset is great for schools and other environments that use high speed internet, as the USB connection eliminates hassle and setup.

Califone 4100-USB Headset

A great USB headset for schools

The 4100-USB is the ultimate USB Headset. Not only is its backward compatible USB 2.0 faster than the rest, it is also ideal for high speed internet use. The unidirectional electret microphone comes equipped with a built-in windscreen that reduces the recording of unintended sounds. It also has a universal joint for full flexibility. The adjustable comfort sling headband and noise-reducing earcup is made from ABS plastic for added durability. The ten foot cord has a double-reinforced channel lock strain relief system that keeps the cord from getting accidentally pulled out. The USB headset has a frequency range of 30-20,000 Hz. That gives it a balanced sound distribution while providing the most efficient listening experience. This is perfect for schools that utilize a USB connection or environments that require isolated vocal feedback areas.


Technical Info

Headphone Frequency Range: 30-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 97dB +/-3dB
Impedance: NA
Maximum Power Input: 80mW
Headband Type: Comfort Sling made using ABS plastic for durability
Earcup: Noise-reducing with ABS plastic for durability
Cord connection to earcup: Double-reinforced, channel lock strain relief system resists accidental pull out
Microphone Frequency Range: 70-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity: -47dB +/-3dB
Impedance: 2.2KOhms +/-30% (at 1 KHz)
Maximum Power Input: 200mW
USB activated host interface: 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0 (backwards compatible)
Type: Electret mic
Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
Adjustability: Universal joint for full flexibility
Operating volt: Typical 5 volt with USB
Cord Length: 10 feet
Weight: 10 ounces, shipping weight 2 lbs.
Safety Approval: CE rated safe for school use
Price: $49


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