Arctic P321Headset Review

Arctic P321HeadsetComfortable fit that won't hurt your ears

Extra long USB cord ( Must be 10 ft ).  Comfortable feel around the ears after long use.  Mic that pulls out and hides away when not in use and it's a very flexible mic. Great price point for what you get

Not a tight fit on the head, they will come lose if you jump around.  Perhaps this is actually a good thing for some.  The plastic that moves up and down so you can fit the headphones seems a little cheap. Not a big deal if your the only one using the headphones but if others are going to and they have a different size head it may become a problem.  For those who hate dealing with cords you do have a good 10 feet of it so this may be a turn off for you.


We would of rated this product 4 stars but the mic while good was not good enough for us to rate it 4 stars.  If your looking for a good USB headset I would consider this and personally I would buy it for the MSRP of only 43.45.

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Arctic P321Headset USB Headset

Nice features for a small price

I have not been able to test out a whole lot of Arctic products in the past but I got my hands on several models this past week.  I'm glad the Arctic P321 headset was one of them

When I first took these out of the case I thought they looked a little uncomfortable.  After I placed them on my head that thought went away in an instant.  they have a thick padding on top that is not only comfortable but it does not make my head sweat after prolonged use.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 picked these headphones up right away.  As normal with USB headphones you need to go into the control panel and under the sound settings you should make these the default so right when you plug them in it cut's off your speakers and the headphones will have there sound right away.  
Sound quality is rather well considering the price you pay for the Arctic P321 headset.  The sound does not leak out.  These are not noise cancelling headphones but when I have them on and the sound is going I cannot hear the loud fan running next to my desk .

The mic is far better  quality then I would of thought.  No were near excellent or perfect but it's still good quality.  I love how the mic goes back into the headset so you can use this without looking dumb if you are jamming to music or watching video.  It's very flexable and holds well in place so it will adjust to everyone.

Technical Info
Frequency response    12 Hz -24k Hz
Sensitivity         97 dB/mW
Impedance         32 Ohm
Drive unit    Ø50mm
Output power     40 mW
Plug         USB
Cable         2.5m
Weight         225 g
Warranty         2 year
Manufacturer Code         ORACO-ERM25-GBA01
EAN-Code         0872767003545
MSRP: $43.45


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