Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX21 Headset Review

Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Universal Gaming Headset Bundle

Ear Force DPX21 offers excellent surround sound, the 3D audio works great, there is an integrated Amp and switching chat volumes is a breeze.

The ear cups are uncomfortable for some and the headband could stand to be a bit more durable.


Turtle Beach knows a thing or two about giving gamers what they want. Their latest entry, the Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX21 headset, is quite possibly their finest product yet. It isn't perfect, though: The design of the headset itself is a bit flimsy when compared to the great sound quality. Still, it works wonders when you're in the middle of a high octane fragfest.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX21 Headset Review

Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Universal Gaming Headset Bundle

Gamers demand the most out of their headsets and nobody knows this fact better than Turtle Beach. The Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX21 might just represent the pinnacle of gaming headsets but this is a very competitive market. It seems like every other week a new headset comes along that offers new and exciting features, immediately rendering the previous latest and greatest dead in the water. So will the DPX21 hold off any pretenders to the throne or will it too be a flash in the pan?

At first glance, it looks like the Ear Force is safe at the top of the hill, at least for the time being. The headset offers hi-fi Dolby surround sound in both 5.1 and 7.1 channels. Sound quality this pronounced in a headset that goes for a hundred and fifty bucks is certainly impressive, but Turtle Beach goes above and beyond to offer the best 3D audio experience available right now. In lesser headsets it can be hard to distinguish between an enemy at your back or one to your side when you're in the middle of an intense deathmatch. With the DPX21, you can easily hear the difference in your six o'clock, eight o'clock, and more.

The subwoofer is also very rich and complex, thanks to the variable bass boost. But one of the best features of Turtle Beach's new headset is the integrated amp. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly change the volumes of your various teammates or chat companions. Any gamer knows how annoying it can be to lose a life or two when trying to fiddle with the volume controls. The Ear Force makes these problems a thing of the past. The mic is also very clear and rich, making chatting with gamers or friends a painless experience.

Unfortunately, some people might wish that Turtle Beach had spent as much time on the rest of the headset as they did on the audio capabilities. The ear cups are a soft mesh but they aren't as comfortable as one might wish. They get the job done but gamers and chatters who engage in long sessions might experience discomfort as the hours roll on. The head band is also somewhat flimsy and it would have been nice if it were strengthened and a bit more comfortable. But these superficial gripes are nothing to somebody who is more dedicated to sound quality. In that arena the Ear Force works wonders and, though its construction leaves a bit to be desired, it will still satisfy many of the most demanding gamers out there.

Technical Info
MSRP: $149.95
Hi-Fi surround sound
Dolby 7.1 and 5.1
Digital optical cable for enhanced 3D sound
Variable bass boost
16 ft Cable
USB connector included

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