Tritton AX 720 Headset Review


Tritton AX 720 offers ear cups that provide quality 5.1 surround sound, a handy detachable mic, and independent volume control.

Wii owners are out of luck, and the headset is rather large and clunky.


The Tritton AX 720 Headset offers a stunning amount of versatility, making it well worth the price. Its shortcomings are few, but there are those who might find the headset a bit too bulky. Still, the surround sound and sound quality more than make up for any minor faults.

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Tritton AX 720 Headset Review

Precision Gaming Headset

If there's one thing you can say about the Tritton AX 720 Headset, it's that it is very versatile. The AX 720 can handle PCs, Macs, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 all with equal skill. This is remarkable because the basic theory is that more compatibility usually means less performance. In other words, if a headset works well with so many different systems, it doesn't work exceptionally well with any of them. In most cases this is true but Tritton's latest headset actually does a pretty darn good job with all of these systems, and especially the Xbox 360.

The AX 720 is actually optimized for the Xbox 360 but computer and PS3 owners will also be pleasantly surprised. The 5.1 surround-sound ear cups deliver on the goods in a big way: You'll be able to hear great distinction in audio with even the most intensive games. Chatting on your PC is also a dream, especially with the detachable mic. The headset may be a bit clunky for some, thanks to its large size, but most people shouldn't be too annoyed. This is easily made up for with the independent chat volume controls.

Unfortunately, Wii fans won't get to enjoy the stunning sound quality of the AX 720 because the Wii is one of the few systems that isn't compatible with the headset. This is due to the Wii's stereo sound and, though it is too bad to leave out this wonderful system, the versatility of the AX 720 is still very impressive.

All told, the AX 720 easily justifies its price tag (typically around $130). The people who will appreciate the headset the most are those who have multiple gaming systems or want a headset that they can both chat and game with. The versatility of the AX 720 is hard to beat, and it looks to be this way for quite a while.

Technical Info
MSRP: $129.99
Compatible with PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360
Independent chat volume control
3D directional sound
Surround Sound gaming
Dual headset jacks
USB 2-Way communicator

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