Artic P311 Wireless Earhphones

Artic P311Wireless headset that really lets you rock out

Light weight and compact.  Stay in place rather well if you plan to use these for running.  The hidden mic works very well on the calls I made from this device.

The only way to charge these headphones is through a USB cord connected to your computer. If you have a big head I would not recommend these because they may feel too tight.  Some people prefer to have a phone headset only in one ear.  However if you also listen to music or sports and want sound in both ears this is a good thing.


This is not the best wireless headset in the market but for the price you do get what you pay for and it's a fairly good product. If your a male I would not recommend this product as the wireless headset may be too small for your head.  However most women should find it fits rather well and stays in place while moving around.

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Artic P311 Wireless Headset Review

Nice features for a small price

First off I know some people have trouble dealing with bluetooth headphones and getting them to work.  I simply hit the phone button on the Artic P311 headset and searched for the device on two different phones and both picked it up right away.

The hidden mic worked far better than I thought it would.  In many similar devices I found the mic makes me sound like I am far away but from speaking with people they say I come in loud and clear.

I find these to be excellent wireless headphones for exercising.  You do not want cords all over the place when running our on a trend mill.  I feel this device is better suited for women over men because those with larger heads may find they are too tight.  I have a normal male sized head.  They fit well but if my head was any bigger this headset would apply too much pressure and cause discomfort over a short period of time.

The earphones themselves feel soft around the ears and do not pinch.  The headset goes right over the tops of your ears and that helps to lock them in place.  I do feel they should of used a type of soft rubber instead of the plastic to help cushion the device when place over the top of your ears but the device is very light and I did not have discomfort but others may.
The right side of the earphones has five buttons.  Volume up and down.  Back and Next for music and the call answer button / on and off.

This device is best suited for someone who not only needs a wireless headset to answer phone calls but one who listens to music from their smart phone.  It's at a very affordable price and descent quality.

Technical Info
Wearing Style         Supra-aural, neckband
Ear Cup Style         Closed acoustic
Bluetooth Versiony         V.2.1+EDR Class 2
Profiles Support    A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP 1.5
Range         Up to 20m
Talk Time         Up to 20 hours
Standby Time         Up to 400 hours
Weight         71.2g
Manufacturer code          -
EAN-Code         0872767003668


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