Audio-Technica ATH W5000 Headphones

Always listening

  • Superior sound quality thanks to the magnetic circuit
  • Crisp, clear audio
  • Extremely comfortable leather padded ear cups
  • Beautiful design

  • Bass may not be extreme enough for some
  • Still too expensive if you buy from certain sellers


If Audio-Technica continues to make products this fantastic, it will only be a matter of time until they become a household name. There is truly very little to frown upon with these fantastic headphones. The sound quality is fantastic and the comfort level far surpasses that of competing headphones. Add in the gorgeous appearance of the ATH W5000 and you've got an incredible piece of electronic perfection on your hands.

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Audio-Technica ATH W5000 Headphones

Always listening

The most surprising thing about the Audio-Technica ATH W5000 headphones is the fact that they are so versatile. Whether you want a quality set of headphones for playback when recording tracks, or if you just want to kick back on the recliner and listen to your favorite jazz record, you'll be more than satisfied with the impressive performance that comes forth from the ear cups.

One of the biggest reasons for this versatility is because of the stellar Permendur magnetic circuit contained within. Its magnetic frequency ensures that there is no bleeding from the highs and mids. Also, the 8N-OFC coils deliver superior signals resulting in crisp, clear audio. Add in the stellar bass balance and you've got an audiophile's dream.

But many people may fall in love with these headphones, not for their performance, but for their appearance and comfort. Before you call these people shallow, though, take a look at the headphones for yourself. The striped ebony housing might be there to increase acoustic performance, but you can't deny that it looks simply marvelous. The extremely comfortable ear pads bring another layer of blissful thanks to the leather cushioning and the famed “total ear fitting” design created by Audio-Technica.

If there was ever a downside to these headphones, it would have been the price. Originally, the ATH W5000 went for over fifteen hundred bucks. But now you can find them in certain places for under seven hundred dollars. In other words, you'd be paying half the cost for headphones that, when you really think about it, are worth the original price. On that note, it is pretty difficult to think of anything wrong with this beautiful model from Audio-Technica.

Technical Info

MSRP: $689.00

•    Leather Cushioned Ear Pads
•    8N-OFC Voice Coils
•    53 mm Neodymium Drivers
•    Ebony Housing

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