Jawbone ERA Headset Review

Jawbone ERA Midnight Black

  • Amazing noise cancellation
  • Loud, good sound
  • Has a comfortable fit
  • Quality construction and build


  • Reception is not up to par
  • Difficulty pairing with some devices
  • Download of MyTalk doesn't go as smoothly as it should


Jawbone is a company that has an impressive list of Bluetooth headsets, and with each one that they have released, they have improved upon the prior model.  This is no different with the Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset.  By looking at issues that users had with the Icon and other prior Bluetooth headset models, Jawbone has almost achieved perfection with the Jawbone ERA.  Though the price is high, the quality of the sound simply cannot be matched!

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Jawbone ERA
Bluetooth Headset in Midnight Black

Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more the norm for users of technology in our society.  Holding a phone while talking and driving can be dangerous, and all of the wires attached to regular headsets are bulky and annoying.  But there are so many different choices when it comes to which headsets to choose from, and each headset comes with their good and bad features.  Jawbone is a company known for their excellent products, and by improving upon prior models of headsets, they have developed the Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset.

As you unpack your new headset from the box, you will notice the great eco-friendly packaging!  As you try on your headset, you will notice how comfortable the fit is on your head.  The earpieces are fantastic and provide you with a snug fit.  Once you begin listening to your device, you will be impressed by the quality sound that the headset produces.  While most Bluetooth devices have complaints that the sound is not loud enough, the opposite is the case for the Jawbone ERA.  Most users do not even need to elevate the volume because the default setting is loud enough!

The noise cancellation is excellent as well.  Rest assured that as you listen using these Bluetooth headphones, you will not be annoyed by outside noise and others will not hear what you are listening to.  Unlike some of the prior models, the ERA does come with a convenient carrying case as well!  The price is similar to other Bluetooth headsets of this quality, so those looking for high quality headsets will not be that taken aback by it, but to those who are accustomed to purchasing less expensive headsets, the Jawbone ERA will be well worth your expense!  

Technical Info:

•    MSRP: $129.00
•    Up to 5.5 hours talk time and 240 hours of down time
•    Motion Equipped Headset
•    MyTalk platform for customizing

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