Jabra BT4010 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth HeadsetSimple and easy to use

The headset is equipped with a simple and easy-to-use design. The LCD screen is descriptive and will show battery status and connection status.

This headset is uncomfortable to wear. The sound quality that the headset provides is poor.


This is a lightweight headset that has a nifty LCD screen to help you to manage your calls as well as the status of the headset. However, due to the low sound quality that it provides and due to the fact that it is uncomfortable, this headset is not recommended for use.

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Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Good handling, but bad sound quality

The Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth headset is an innovative gadget as it comes equipped with an LCD screen, which is very rarely seen in Bluetooth headsets. It is small and lightweight, in similar fashion to other Bluetooth headsets. However, its lack of sound quality is certainly a sad thing as otherwise this would have been a nifty piece of hardware to have in your arsenal.

The Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth headset is covered in plastic on the front, and in the middle rests the LCD screen. The screen can display the amount of battery life left, whether you are in a call or not and whether the Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth headset is paired with a phone or not. This information is displayed using icons. It would have been more useful if it were designed to display such information as caller ID. Above the LCD screen is a multifunction button which can be used to accept incoming calls, transfer calls from phone to headset and vice versa and to change the volume. Last number redial is also available as with other Bluetooth headsets.

The most important thing when looking at a Bluetooth headset is sound quality, and the Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth headset fails sadly in that department. Although incoming sound quality is ok, your voice will not be delivered to whoever you are talking to clearly. Outgoing sound is mixed with a lot of static and volume is low. This is a heavy annoyance when making calls using the Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth headset.

Although it is equipped with a nifty LCD screen, the Jabra BT4010 Wireless Bluetooth headset is not recommended for anyone who wants to have good sound quality in their calls.

Technical Info
Type: Headphone – Monaural

Connectivity Technology: Wireless – Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

Bluetooth Profiles: Headset Profile (HSP) , Hands Free Profile (HFP)

Sound Output Mode: Mono

Talk time: 6 hours

Microphone: Boom

MSRP: $35.00


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