Artic P311 Wireless Earhphones

Artic P311

Wireless headset that really lets you rock out Light weight and compact.  Stay in place rather well if you plan to use these for running.  The hidden mic works very well on the calls I made from this device. The only way to … [Read more...]

Arctic P321Headset Review

Arctic P321Headset

Comfortable fit that won't hurt your ears Extra long USB cord ( Must be 10 ft ).  Comfortable feel around the ears after long use.  Mic that pulls out and hides away when not in use and it's a very flexible mic. Great price … [Read more...]

Motorola Bluetooth Headset H500


Motorola Bluetooth headset that simplifies life. The Motorola H500 is small and you don't need your hands to use it, which is always a plus. It’s comfortable to wear throughout the day and the glowing logo feature is … [Read more...]

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

Wireless Xbox headset The wireless version of the 360 headset offers good performance, much better than the wired version. Its buttons are all easily accessible and can easily be paired with the controllers. The range of this headset is also … [Read more...]

Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset


Headset designed for use with Windows Live Messenger This headset is perfect for Windows Live Messenger; it works like a dream. It’s so easy to use. Just plug it in and you’re set to go. This isn’t the most comfortable … [Read more...]

Logitech USB Headset 250


Inexpensive USB headset with great sound. The 250 offers good sound quality despite its low price. Plus, this headset’s ample ear cushioning provides good sound isolation. Cheap construction and an uncooperative USB plug reduce the … [Read more...]

Logitech Extreme PC Gaming Headset Wii


An inexpensive, high quality, microphone headset Inexpensive headsets are the bread and butter of the online gaming community. Finding one that provides a great balance of features and price like the Logitech Extreme PC Gaming Headset is a welcome … [Read more...]

Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset 1

Inexpensive Bluetooth headset The headset is inexpensive for Bluetooth technology. Its performance is decent, and styling is really funky. This isn’t a plain Jane kind of headset. It has a stylish modern look which is appealing. Some … [Read more...]

Jabra BT350 Bluetooth


Mid-level Bluetooth headset for the masses The BT350 offers decent voice performance and lots of functionality, such as voice dialing and vibration ringing. The boomless design is attractive. The speakers could be a bit louder, but this is … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson HBH PV705

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV705

Lightweight and comfortable Bluetooth headset The fact that this is a Bluetooth enabled headset makes it instantly better than a typical headset. This opens up a whole new vista of capabilities for the user. I like that this is a lightweight … [Read more...]