Jabra PRO 9460 Duo Wireless Dual Headset Review


Single headset, multiple devices Lets you connect to and make calls through either your mobile phone or land phone. Provides good quality audio transmission. Allows you to record your conversations with the aid of a PC. The touch screen on the … [Read more...]

Jabra PRO 9465 Wireless Headset Review

Jabra PRO 9465 Wireless Headset Review

Get rid of the background noise with Jabra PRO 9465! The device comes with a stylish design and uses the DECT technology. It includes an intuitive configuring system and a wide range of features. Also, it works at long ranges. The product … [Read more...]

GN Netcom GN 9350

GN9350 headset_1

Versatile, quality headset loaded with features Like all quality headsets, the GN 9350 allows you to make calls while typing and doing other things. Most user functions are built into the earpiece, with additional setup functions on the base. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset Communicator

Xbox 360 Headset Communicator

Inexpensive USB headset. Sadly, not much good here. The Xbox 360 headset communicator’s only real selling point is that it can be an inexpensive replacement if you break the stock set that comes with an Xbox live subscription package. Other … [Read more...]

Panasonic KX-TCA88HA Hearing Aid Compatible Cordless Phone Headset


Hearing aid compatible headset There aren’t many hearing aid compatible headsets out there, and at this price, this one’s a great deal. Solid performance makes for a great headset. The KX-TCA88HA has an exceptionally short cord … [Read more...]

Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset


Trendy and compact Bluetooth headset. It’s so lightweight and the microphone flips in and out to turn it on or off. The design of this headset is definitely its finest asset. The microphone sits so close to your face and sometimes … [Read more...]

Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset 1

Inexpensive Bluetooth headset The headset is inexpensive for Bluetooth technology. Its performance is decent, and styling is really funky. This isn’t a plain Jane kind of headset. It has a stylish modern look which is appealing. Some … [Read more...]

Jabra BT350 Bluetooth


Mid-level Bluetooth headset for the masses The BT350 offers decent voice performance and lots of functionality, such as voice dialing and vibration ringing. The boomless design is attractive. The speakers could be a bit louder, but this is … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson HBH PV705

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV705

Lightweight and comfortable Bluetooth headset The fact that this is a Bluetooth enabled headset makes it instantly better than a typical headset. This opens up a whole new vista of capabilities for the user. I like that this is a lightweight … [Read more...]