Plantronics .Audio 750 DSP Headset Review


Change the way you perceive multimedia This headset gives the maximum in comfort and quality. The provided USB adapter allows you to quickly connect the headset to connect to any computer. Earpieces are cushioned and large for maximum comfort and … [Read more...]

Plantronics Gamecom 777 USB Headset Review

Plantronics Gamecom 777 USB

Enjoy the amazing 5.1 Dolby surround sound technology! Plantronics Gamecom 777 USB brings high quality when it comes to gamers’ requirements. It includes a noise canceling microphone that isolates the sounds around, making the conversations … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing 502i Ear-Cup Headset with Microphone

Altec Lansing 502i

All in one headset offering superb sound quality This high performance unit packs quite a punch with its 36mm neodymium drivers. It delivers robust and clear sound in a rugged and reliable package. Limited adjustment capability makes this … [Read more...]

Califone 2964AV Deluxe Mono Headset

Califone 2964av headset

Deluxe mono (monaural) headset with two 1/4 “ plugs The around-the-ear earpads feature ambient noise-reducing technology to block out outside noise that may disturb students and disrupt their attention. The earpads are made with washable … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing HS615 Gaming Headset

altec lansing ahs615 gaming headset

Gaming headset with SRS 3-D Audio Technology Features a unique open-air ear cup design that’s aesthetically appealing. Comes with an inline controller that allows you to adjust microphone and SRS volume. Sounds come in clearly and the … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing AHS515 Studio Headset

Altec Lansing AHS515 headset

Studio headset with microphone The Altec Lansing AHS515 provides surprisingly good sound. The ear cups are durable and comfortable to wear. After a little while you’ll forget you’re wearing anything over your head. They also do a good … [Read more...]

Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset Communicator

Xbox 360 Headset Communicator

Inexpensive USB headset. Sadly, not much good here. The Xbox 360 headset communicator’s only real selling point is that it can be an inexpensive replacement if you break the stock set that comes with an Xbox live subscription package. Other … [Read more...]

Sony PS2 USB Headset


USB headset for Playstation 2. Excellent versatility makes this a great buy. Additionally, the quality of the microphone is quite good, especially for an inexpensive headset. The inline volume control and mute button features are very … [Read more...]

Nintendo DS Headset


Headset accessory for the Nintendo DS This is a good upgrade from the DS Lite built-in microphone. The reception is good and for this price you couldn't do better. If you’re not used to a single earphone headset, you may find the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

Wireless Xbox headset The wireless version of the 360 headset offers good performance, much better than the wired version. Its buttons are all easily accessible and can easily be paired with the controllers. The range of this headset is also … [Read more...]