Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

Ear Force PX5

This headset is perfect for all types of gaming including Xbox and PS3. It is very comfortable to wear and the sound quality is excellent. The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 is expensive, and many consumers have a hard time spending so much … [Read more...]

Aliph Jawbone Prime 3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Aliph Jawbone Prime 3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Be fashionable with these wireless Bluetooth headsets!   The noise cancellation feature is as good as the one of the previous version of this device. However, when it comes to the wind noise handling feature, this version comes with better … [Read more...]

Arctic P321Headset Review

Arctic P321Headset

Comfortable fit that won't hurt your ears Extra long USB cord ( Must be 10 ft ).  Comfortable feel around the ears after long use.  Mic that pulls out and hides away when not in use and it's a very flexible mic. Great price … [Read more...]

Jabra GN9330e USB OC Wireless Headset

Jabra GN9330e USB OC Wireless Headset

Makes it easier to make VoIP calls This headset allows easy configuration with your PC after which it will be compatible with any VoIP client. The headset delivers excellent sound quality. Noise-cancellation features are enabled on the … [Read more...]

Jabra GN9330e USB Wireless Headset


A versatile headset for VoIP calls This headset is very easy to set up with your PC. Allows answering calls from a panel on the headset itself. The headset microphone is enabled with noise-canceling features. Sometimes the outgoing voice … [Read more...]

Plantronics Audio 476 USB Headset Review


Fold it up and carry it in your pocket! The headset connects easily to your computer’s USB. Folding headset allows you to carry it around easily. Wideband signal processing enables high quality sound transfer. The headset can break … [Read more...]

Plantronics .Audio 750 DSP Headset Review


Change the way you perceive multimedia This headset gives the maximum in comfort and quality. The provided USB adapter allows you to quickly connect the headset to connect to any computer. Earpieces are cushioned and large for maximum comfort and … [Read more...]

Plantronics Gamecom 777 USB Headset Review

Plantronics Gamecom 777 USB

Enjoy the amazing 5.1 Dolby surround sound technology! Plantronics Gamecom 777 USB brings high quality when it comes to gamers’ requirements. It includes a noise canceling microphone that isolates the sounds around, making the conversations … [Read more...]

Plantronics .Audio 550 DSP Headset


Performance headset with software The Audio 550 DSP is very lightweight and form-fitting. Not only that, the speech recognition and sound quality of the headset is excellent. Although the performance of the Audio 550 DSP is well-above … [Read more...]

Califone 4100-USB Headset

Califone 4100 USB Headset

Great USB headset for schools Designed for high speed internet use, the Califone USB Headset 4100-USB has a frequency range of 30-20,000 Hz which makes for balanced sound distribution and therefore, an optimal listening experience. Very … [Read more...]