Jabra EarWave Boom with Universal 2.5mm Connector


The volume is also much louder than what’s usually expected of headsets and for a retail price of $29.99, it’s very affordable. The noise cancellation feature on the Jabra Earwave Boom is very weak. The sound quality is muffled and … [Read more...]

Jabra BT250v Bluetooth Headset

Jabra BT250v_1

Bluetooth headset with vibrating alert feature The Jabra BT250v has a uniquely shaped earpiece. Instead of clipping on the ear, the earbud sits inside of the ear canal comfortably. The sound quality is also exceptional. The Jabra BT250v comes … [Read more...]

Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset


Bluetooth headset The Jabra BT125 is extremely affordable. It comes equipped with a single button “last number dialed” feature. Pairing to cell phones and other devices is effortless. The headset also makes beeping noises when certain … [Read more...]

GN Netcom GN 9350

GN9350 headset_1

Versatile, quality headset loaded with features Like all quality headsets, the GN 9350 allows you to make calls while typing and doing other things. Most user functions are built into the earpiece, with additional setup functions on the base. … [Read more...]

Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset 1

Inexpensive Bluetooth headset The headset is inexpensive for Bluetooth technology. Its performance is decent, and styling is really funky. This isn’t a plain Jane kind of headset. It has a stylish modern look which is appealing. Some … [Read more...]

Jabra BT350 Bluetooth


Mid-level Bluetooth headset for the masses The BT350 offers decent voice performance and lots of functionality, such as voice dialing and vibration ringing. The boomless design is attractive. The speakers could be a bit louder, but this is … [Read more...]