Altec Lansing 502i Ear-Cup Headset with Microphone

Altec Lansing 502i

All in one headset offering superb sound quality This high performance unit packs quite a punch with its 36mm neodymium drivers. It delivers robust and clear sound in a rugged and reliable package. Limited adjustment capability makes this … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing AHS212 Headset

altec lansing ahs212

Classic monaural headset with microphone The Altec Lansing AHS212 is lightweight and comes with just one earcup so that your other ear can pay attention to your surroundings. This model features a convenient inline volume changer. The quality of … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing AHS423 Stereo Headset

Altec Lansing AHS423 headset

Interchangeable stereo headset with microphone The Altec Lansing AHS423 Interchangeable Stereo Headset comes with different foam pads, so you can modify comfort and color. This headset is also conveniently priced and lightweight. This … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing AHS322 Headset

Altec Lansing AHS322 Headset

Classic stereo headset with microphone For only $19.95, this headset is very affordably priced. When using Skype, the person on the other line may be surprised to hear how loud and clear you sound with your new Altec Lansing AHS322 headset. … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing AHS302USB Circumaural Stereo Headset

altechlansing AHS302usb

Headset with dual USB & analog connectivity Features an adjustable noise canceling/noise rejecting microphone that reduces background noise. Comes equipped with a convenient inline volume changer. Works with sound cards or USB. The base … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing HS615 Gaming Headset

altec lansing ahs615 gaming headset

Gaming headset with SRS 3-D Audio Technology Features a unique open-air ear cup design that’s aesthetically appealing. Comes with an inline controller that allows you to adjust microphone and SRS volume. Sounds come in clearly and the … [Read more...]

Altec Lansing AHS515 Studio Headset

Altec Lansing AHS515 headset

Studio headset with microphone The Altec Lansing AHS515 provides surprisingly good sound. The ear cups are durable and comfortable to wear. After a little while you’ll forget you’re wearing anything over your head. They also do a good … [Read more...]